One turnkey solution for your business

IOTW software platform is based on customizable and flexible architecture as well as standardized open protocols that provide immense freedom to develop any type of IoT solution. The platform is scalable and viable for enterprise grade applications.


Connectivity Layer with Low Latency

  • Offer a library as aservice that delivers messaging from and to IoT devices
  • Allow customers tocreate a network of connected IoT devices and real time messaging speed withvery little engineering difficulty
  • Significantly lowercosts
  • Support both lightweightand complex protocols

Efficient Data Harvesting & Storage

  • With our connectivity layer, our network harvests data at large scale at speeds
  • Configure data processing
  • Process structured and unstructured data
  • Optimize electricity usage based on our blockchain network
  • Host data in our network easily and less costly

Data Security & Encryption (2,048 bits)

  • Leverage asymmetric encryption algorithms to secure data
  • All data in every device is encrypted with private keys (2,048 bits)
  • Comply with GDPR  

Convenient Primary Data Withdrawal

  • Withdraw primary data efficiently with little engineering work at lower cost
  • Choose options to store in IOTW cloud or on-premises

Data Processing & Customizable
Data Analytics

  • Connect devices to process data
  • Analyse & categorize data (Geo, speed, usage, etc.)
  • Restructure schemaless data into time series
  • Customize your data automation scenarios
  • Provide user report and feedback report weekly or monthly

Customizable Data Visualization

  • Provide interactive user interfaces
  • Build your customized dashboards and widgets
  • Easily integrate with other parties data tools
  • Automatically send visualized reports if requested
  • Provide data analytics & visualization report  

Instant Device Remote Control (End points solution)

  • Create endpoints that control your device remotely using our API, web services & mobile app
  • Provide the option to use our branding or use white label service to control devices, process payments and also gather Big Data from endpoints (mobile app).

Instant Inter devices communications

  • Allow inter-devices communications with zero latency and exchange valuable data

Fast Payment System

  • Contain integrated crypto payment system with high TPS across the Pacific with 1-1.5 second latency
  •  Easily integrate anykind of fiat or crypto currency systems for any IoT devices
  •  Process purchase or subscription payments for users of devices

Blockchain as a Service

  • Develop customized business cases and services for your needs
  • Apply to logistics tracking, proof of authenticity, counterfeit protection, enhanced privacy preservation, identity management, smart home automation and much more for your personalized needs

Configuration Management

  • Configure device behaviour parameters
  • Deliver configurations through data push or pull
  • Attach configurations togroups of devices
  • Enqueue configuration updates for offline devices

Air Updates

  • Update your devices with new features
  • Manage software compatibility